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Cordless Sanders are power tools that are used for smoothing, scrubbing, or cleaning floors made of wood, plastic, or metal. Ideal for a variety of sanding activities, such as stock removal and ultra-smooth finishing. The brushless motor of Cordless Sanders is precision-engineered to provide enough power to meet the demands of the most complicated tasks. Cordless sanders, Dewalt Cordless sanders, Milwaukee Cordless sanders, Bosch Cordless sanders, Makita Cordless sanders, Festools Cordless sanders, If you do a lot of multitasking at home or on the job, a Cordless Oscillating Multi-Tool can be proved as your best friend. It slices, grinds, sands, and scrapes, and it can do all of these things in difficult-to-reach areas. Cordless Oscillating Multi-Tool can accept the majority of accessories, batteries, and chargers that are available on our website. Cordless multitools, Milwaukee Cordless multitools, Bosch Cordless multitools, Metabo Cordless multitools, Ryobi Cordless multitools, Dewalt Cordless multitools, Festools Cordless multitools, Makita Cordless multitools, Cordless Routers are power tools with a flat base and a rotating blade that stretches beyond the base. The spindle may be powered by an electric or pneumatic motor. It shapes a hard material, such as wood or plastic, into a shape. Cordless Routers are most commonly used in woodworking, especially cabinetry. They can be carried around or attached to router tables. Cordless routers, Makita Cordless routers, Dewalt Cordless routers, Milwaukee Cordless routers, Cordless jigsaws Bosch Cordless jigsaws Festools Cordless jigsaws Dewalt Cordless jigsaws Makita Cordless jigsaws Milwaukee Cordless jigsaws A combi drill is a powerful tool that has two modes: drilling and screw driving. It is normally driven by a battery. This allows you to choose between low and high torque, which decides how much power the drill uses to push the screw. Cordless combi drills Metabo Cordless combi drills Festools Cordless combi drills Fein Cordless combi drills Ryobi Cordless combi drills Dewalt Cordless combi drills Makita Cordless combi drills Bosch Cordless combi drills Milwaukee Cordless combi drills