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2 HTML admin panel templates. Do you need a dashboard that is simple to maintain and easy for everyone to understand? With HTML dashboard templates from LifeInSYS, you can find admin templates to suit your needs.

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How can admin templates help you?

Well, when you’re building a complex site without using third-party systems, you’re usually too busy drowning in endless lines of code to think about the usability of your admin dashboard. In this scenario, Admin templates are invaluable time savers.

Admin templates a series of well-designed, basic HTML pages all of which work together to form a cohesive experience for you to administer your site. They may use some of the more advanced features of modern web browsers, or they may be more sophisticated and include reusable, stylized components.

The number and the variety of solutions that these templates can solve are pretty much limited only by your imagination. But each of them typically come with much of the following:

  • A grid system to manage your layouts
  • Styles for your buttons and form elements
  • Fonts
  • Charting libraries
  • Browser tools for functionality like image cropping
  • Responsive functionality so that it works across browsers and different devices
  • Text editors
  • Galleries & sliders
  • and much more

The admin website templates from LifeInSYS are perfect to help you create a great website or platform. If you're a developer, you may be able to extend an admin area you've already created and grow it by introducing functionality you wouldn't otherwise be able to achieve but if you don't developer that no problem, almost all of admin templates have very big functional which will enough for different and hard projects. Our collection is varied and broad, so you're very likely to find something that suits your needs.

Plus, keep in mind that we review each and every single template submitted by our creative authors before we make it available for you to purchase. This means that every asset has been carefully evaluated and assessed to make sure it meets specific functionality and quality standards.