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"Oh, adults are worried about their own safety.". It's not too late to offer me when you leave the Qing Dynasty! The woman said in a mocking tone. You My Ito family is a samurai family, and there has never been a person who is afraid of death in my family since my great-grandfather. You are a woman, and I don't care about you! As soon as Ito Hirobumi threw his sleeve, he wanted to leave. The adult calms down, the little girl is also the emperor's life in the body, do not choose to speak for a while, but also hope the adult forgive me. The woman's seductive eyes let Ito Hirobumi how to haggle with him again, if not really feel the power of these poisonous spiders, from the appearance how can not see that this soft and weak woman is a sharp weapon to urge life. My Lord, you might as well present us to the emperor of the Qing Dynasty first. Then pretend to get the approval of the emperor before signing the peace treaty, and once I enter the palace, you will look for an opportunity to leave. The woman offered advice. Once I leave, what will you do? In fact, Ito Hirobumi has long thought of this way, but let him sacrifice these women really can not bear. Ha ha, since I have come to the Qing Dynasty. Life and death have long been put aside, and it is our honor to sacrifice our lives for Japan! The woman suddenly changed her usual image of a prostitute and looked like a dead soldier of the Empire. Okay,drum spill containment, in that case. Without further ado, I'll arrange it as soon as possible. You must kill the emperor of the Qing Dynasty. If you have a chance to escape, you can go to these places. These places are the secret residences of our Japanese intelligence personnel in the Qing Dynasty. They'll take care of you. With these words, Ito Hirobumi took out a piece of paper and wrote down a few places. Thank you, my Lord. The woman went straight to the fire after reading it. Ito Hirobumi looked at the paper that slowly turned to ashes, as if he had seen the Japanese counterattack after the successful assassination. The Qing Dynasty is now at the height of its power, mostly from the hands of this emperor. As soon as he dies,plastic pallet manufacturer, Japan will be able to dominate Asia again and humiliate the Qing Dynasty! "Nakatō, the Japanese ambassador, Hirobumi Ito, has asked for an interview." A family member reported. Uh? It's not time to negotiate. What's he doing here? Li Hongzhang shook his fan slightly. He said he had something important to discuss. Li Hongzhang rolled his eyes and said, "Let him come in." "Yes." After a while, Ito Hirobumi strode in. I've seen Lord Li. Ito Hirobumi hugged a fist. Oh, Ambassador Ito. Sit, sit, sit. Li Hongzhang didn't even get up from his chair. Lord Li, I lost my temper at the last meeting. The envoy has forwarded your comments to the emperor for his review, hoping to draw up a peace treaty as soon as possible. Make a modest contribution to the rapprochement between the two countries. Ito Hirobumi said modestly. It was Li Hongzhang's turn to be dumbfounded. He thought that the job the emperor had given him could not be done in any case. It is absolutely impossible for the Japanese to agree, so they will break the pot. The Japanese envoys were ridiculed and insulted, but they did not expect that they really had the sincerity of peace talks. Li Hongzhang stood up hurriedly and shouted outside the door, stackable plastic pallets ,spill plastic pallet, "Why don't you serve tea?" "Yes." "Brother Ito, I don't know what the emperor of your country is dissatisfied with this peace treaty. Let's discuss it.". I can also report to the emperor, and appropriate amendments can still be made. Li Hongzhang conceded and said. The telegram had just been sent, and the emperor's instructions had not yet been received. I hope Lord Li will forgive me! "Oh, don't worry, don't worry!" Li Hongzhang quickly waved his hand. Then the servant came in with two cups of tea. Come on, brother Ito, please have tea. Li Hongzhang advised. Thank you very much Ito Hirobumi took a sip of the teacup and put it down slowly. Lord Li, in fact, there is one more thing to do today. "Oh?" Li Hongzhang also put down the teacup in his hand and continued to ask, "Brother Ito, please speak." "I, the emperor of Japan, have always admired the Qing emperor for being in power when he was young, expelling the French, resisting the British and barbarians, and recovering a large area of Mobei territory.". Today, I take the opportunity of negotiations to send ten Japanese beauties to show that Japan is sincerely convinced of the Qing Dynasty and that the Emperor of Japan admires the Emperor of the Qing Dynasty. Ito Hirobumi stood up and clapped his hands gently. All of a sudden, Li Hongzhang was dazzled, and exotic beauties dressed in Japanese clothes passed in front of Li Hongzhang. All of them have outstanding aptitude and have the appearance of sinking fish and falling geese. Li Hongzhang has long forgotten the existence of Ito Hirobumi. "Lord Li, Lord Li." Li Hongzhang seemed to hear the beauties calling his name, nodded his head and walked unconsciously to the women. Lord Li. Ito Hirobumi grabbed Li Hongzhang's hand. Ah? Oh! Brother Ito, did you call me? Li Hongzhang recovered. Lord Li, these beauties are dedicated to the emperor of the Qing Dynasty by the emperor of Japan. If Lord Li is interested, I will look for him after I return home. Ito Hirobumi said generously. Shame. Shame. Brother Ito's kindness, brother, I accept it. Li Hongzhang collected himself and went on to say, "As for these beauties, after the peace treaty is signed, I will personally send them to the capital for the emperor." "Well.." To tell you the truth, Lord Li, the conditions for peace talks proposed by your country seem to be a little harsh. What I mean by the Emperor of Japan is that I hope to send these beauties to the palace as soon as possible for the Emperor of the Qing Dynasty. I hope the emperor of the Qing Dynasty can lower the conditions appropriately when he is happy, so. Ito Hirobumi deserves to be called an excellent diplomat, and his reaction on the spot is first-class. Oh, ha ha. That makes sense. I'll arrange for someone to take them to the palace as soon as possible. Li Mou is here waiting for the will of the emperor! In contrast, Li Hongzhang was a little short of tendons, or he never really regarded Japan as an enemy equal to the Qing Dynasty. In Li Hongzhang's view, Japan is the same as Korea, Burma and Vietnam before, or close to their affiliated small countries. It is common sense to come to court year after year and pay tribute year after year, not to mention offering a few beautiful women to please the emperor. I didn't feel anything wrong at all. In addition,plastic pallet supplier, Li Hongzhang also had another idea in his mind. If the peace talks because of the beauty after the emperor Longxin great joy, breaking the rules to lower the standard of peace talks and lead to the success of peace talks, he is a great achievement ah!. cnplasticpallet.com