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Xia Yanru nodded and said, "Yes, you absolutely can't wait to die, and Secretary Xiao won't wait for Liu Fei to bully his head. But now the most important thing is that we must unite and act in unison. We must put strong pressure on Liu Fei so that he has to stop all excessive actions against you immediately. That's the only way." In order to keep your three major enterprises, but, to do this, the strength of the three of you is absolutely not enough, you must let the consortium behind your three major enterprises stand up and wave the flag and shout, otherwise, it is only a matter of time before you three major enterprises are investigated by Liu Fei, and once you are found out, Secretary Xiao is absolutely impossible to come forward. Only before you are investigated for problems, Secretary Xiao can beat around the Bush to help you cheer. Politics is so cruel, and so is your business. Once Secretary Xiao is in trouble, the consortium behind your three major enterprises will immediately turn to look for new agents. We are only partners now. Guan Yongfeng said: "General Manager Xia, what do you think we should do now?" Xia Yanru said with a smile, "If you want to keep the three major enterprises, you must take three steps. The first step is to hold a press conference to strongly condemn the unreasonable investigation of your three major enterprises by the Haiming Municipal Party Committee, saying that they have seriously interfered with the normal production of your enterprises,ultrasonic dispersing machine, demanding that they withdraw immediately from the investigation and return a normal production and operation order to the enterprises." You must unite more foreign-funded enterprises to severely criticize the deteriorating economic ecology of Haiming City after Liu Fei took office, and create public opinion pressure on Liu Fei at home and abroad, because for officials, especially for a newly appointed official like Liu Fei, it is necessary to maintain the overall situation of regional stability and development. Maintaining the stability of the regional economic order is very important for them, even if Liu Fei is strong, once the voice of opposition is too big,ultrasonic cutting machine, he also has to consider carefully, so that Liu Fei's investigation of you is under pressure, do not stop also have to stop, third, if Liu Fei after you finish the first two steps, or stand firm, Then you can unite with other foreign-funded enterprises to make a high-profile announcement that they will consider withdrawing their capital from Haiming City in an all-round way. Once things develop to this point, Liu Fei will definitely be in a hurry, and will even face high-level pressure on him. At this time, the consortium behind you is beating the drum vigorously. If the consortium behind you can persuade some political forces in the United States to put pressure on China at the same time, Your future development prospects in Haiming City are absolutely bright. He Zhenbang frowned and said, "It seems impossible to convince the political forces in the United States. Americans are very greedy." Xia Yanru said with a smile: "In the past, it may be difficult to convince them, ultrasonic spray nozzle ,ultrasonic cutting machine, but now it is different. Now the Americans are actively deploying the strategy of returning to the Asia-Pacific region. What they especially want to do now is to contain the development of China. They are afraid that China will not be chaotic. In particular, the Mergan Consortium has a relatively large influence in the political circles of the United States. As long as they are willing to make a move, it should not be a big problem." And as far as I know, this time short Huaxia liquor industry, Morgan consortium is also involved in it, if because of the three major enterprises in Haiming City, diverted the attention of some aspects of Huaxia for short liquor industry, this is also a very good opportunity for Morgan consortium, as for Le Jiafu Chain Group and your Japanese Mingzhi Group. I'm afraid they can all get great benefits in this chaos. For this point, your three bosses may not be clear, but the consortium behind you is absolutely clear. So, what you three have to do now is to find a way to go back and persuade the foreign consortium behind the three major enterprises to make up their minds to fight against Liu Fei in the end. You can tell them that there is no need to have any worries. Secretary Xiao will always be their strongest backing, after all, Liu Fei in a short period of time can not break in Haiming City. ” Volume 11 Hemming's Ultimate Test Chapter 2476 Crazy Plan At this moment, after hearing Xia Yanru's introduction of her plan, no matter Guan Yongfeng or He Zhenbang, even Du Yuesheng was stunned, because none of them thought that Xia Yanru's plan was so crazy that not only the three major enterprises were involved in the plan at the same time, but also the consortium behind the three major enterprises. As well as many foreign-funded enterprises in Haiming City, even involving the two superpowers of the United States and China, if this plan can be fully developed, it can only be said that Xia Yanru is absolutely a crazy genius. Although several people are talking in a video conference, at the moment, everyone can still feel the tension and depression between each other, because everyone knows that once the plan is implemented, these people will be the core part of the whole crazy plan, and they will become the whole. Things will be where they are hard to predict, at this moment, Guan Yongfeng and others finally got rid of all the doubts about Xia Yanru, finally can be sure that there is an implacable enmity between Xia Yanru and Liu Fei, because if the plan is completely in accordance with Xia Yanru's design to develop, then there is only one outcome for Liu Fei, that is to step down. Be ultimately responsible for the whole thing. Everyone is silent, thinking, they must think about what they can gain and what they can lose in this crazy plan. And after saying this plan, Xia Yanru was completely silent, but at the moment, her pink face was rippling with a kind of morbid Yan Hong, which made her look more delicate and beautiful, and the fragrance of flowers was attractive, but at the moment, all the men no longer dared to despise this delicate and beautiful woman, in their eyes. This woman is no longer just a rose with thorns,ultrasonic sonochemistry machine, but a crazy poisonous rose full of poison, which looks very beautiful, but can kill people with a little fragrance.