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Holding his bare arm in the palm of his hand, the two of them came one after the other in front of him and said, "Brother, but Sister Lin, you're here." As he spoke, he unconsciously gave a cold war. Seeing this, Chu Jing frowned slightly. He stood still and asked, "Why are you wearing so little?" Wei Zisu raised his face and smiled. "It's all right. It's not cold." He stretched his forehead and raised his eyebrows. "Isn't it cold?" As he spoke, he lowered his eyes, pinched one of her hands in the palm of his hand, and with a very light "tut", he spoke slowly: "The hand is so cold." Fang Kelin, wearing thin high-heeled shoes, did not walk as fast as his tall legs. He followed him to the steps. Intentionally or unintentionally, he put his eyes on Wei Zisu's hand. Then he said with a smile, "Zisu, long time no see." Wei Zisu smiled back at her. Chu Jing naturally put down Wei Zisu's hand, and I don't know who he said to: "Stand here and be careful to catch a cold. Come in." In the huge living room, the He couple had been waiting for a long time, and the two of them had the same wealth and honor. They sat on the sofa with their arms around them, and their faces were as ugly as two Yama. Chu Jing strolled over and sat down on the side sofa. The people they wanted to see had arrived, but they had not figured out how to settle these family affairs with him. Chu Jing folded his legs gracefully,heavy duty metal racking, and just leaning there was full of energy. He said to the two of them with a smile, "You two are so early. You haven't had a meal yet. You don't have to go. I'll ask someone to prepare a table." In the whole city of China, there is no one who does not know the identity and status of Chu Jing. The two of the He family have been in the business circle for many years, and they are also outstanding people who know the times. However, there is no intersection between the two sides in business, and they are more eager to protect their children. Today, they have to ask for an explanation. Mother He said aloud first, "You feel at ease. My son is still lying in the hospital and can't move. Why do you have to make trouble with a child when you are the boss?" Chu Jing listened quietly,warehouse storage racks, and He Mu finished in a stern voice, bowing her head and wiping away her tears. Father He did not speak much, and seemed to pay more attention to face than to his son. Just keep trying to persuade his wife: "Well, well, why are you crying?"? Do you want to save face? Zhuang Ning stood not far from the chest, since Chu Jing came, she did not sit down again, with this posture to put themselves out of the way, skimming clean, occasionally floating to Chu Jing's eyes seem to be passing, see how you end. It is also true that Chu Jing has only one hand at work, but for this kind of homely thing. Good words can also pull back one or two, that is, women in their forties and fifties are the most difficult to deal with. Seeing this woman who is several rounds older than him crying, Wei Zisu clearly saw that his cold face showed a bit of headache. So she stepped forward, Automated warehouse systems ,metal racking systems, want to comfort or want to explain, just opened her mouth, an aunt did not call out completely, see Chu Jing side head to pass a look to her. She understood immediately and stopped at once. He was hinting to her not to say or do anything, and then he gathered up his fatigue and waited calmly for the woman to finish crying. Here Fang Kelin is still at the door, gently asked the nanny about the whole incident, she understood probably, and walked gracefully to the front of He Mu. Sitting next to Mother He, Fang Kelin kindly held the woman's hand on her knee. She spoke gently: "Auntie, I know you are sad. Although we did something wrong in this matter, there is always a reason for it. Think about it. You feel sorry that your child was injured and hospitalized, but our perilla is also a child. Who can be indifferent when they see their child being bullied?"? Don't you think so? Fang Kelin's words were reasonable, and he slowly coaxed his mother. The woman had no momentum to defend a few words, is to regain some face, Fang Kelin did not refute a word, patiently kept saying yes, called the couple there is nothing to say. Finally, Fang Kelin said sincerely: "Put yourself in others' shoes. In fact, both of us are at fault. This matter is not a big deal. If it can pass, let it pass. I will go to the hospital to see Xiaoming in person another day. We will pay you all the medical expenses and compensation. Do you think it is OK?" At this point, a lot of concessions have been made, and in such matters, those who first soften their attitude and want to settle accounts will not be able to ask for anything else. He Fu is rich and powerful, also is not to care about that medical expenses, in front of the beautiful woman's face, this next conversion is unusually straightforward. Two people stayed to sit for a while, the two sides said some words of reconciliation, see the time is not early, finally got up and left. After leaving, Wei Zisu looked at Fang Kelin gratefully. Fang Kelin and Zhuang Ning sent them out together. They turned around and waved their hands secretly to show that they were all right. They also glanced at the two gods of pestilence in front of them with a frightened expression. Wei Zisu was almost amused by her. As soon as they looked back, they saw Chu Jing's long fingers gently pressing between his eyebrows and whispering in a deep voice: "***, you can really make trouble.." At first hearing this, Wei Zisu thought he had auditory hallucinations. Chu Jing is a gentleman and has never used foul language. Nope. She had previously thought that he would never get rough with people, which is the example of He Ming. The rude words were subdued and heavy, and his tone was bored. He furrowed his eyebrows, and his noble face was a little more annoyed. Wei Zisu held him behind the sofa and stared at him as if he were looking at another Chu Jing. At this time, he had no intention of slanting his face, looking at each other, and saw the little girl facing him in disbelief, apparently hearing the words. Instantly, Chu Jing face also reveals a trace of surprise, immediately hide this look, but the unexpected question or blurted out: "You did not go out with them?" The author has something to say: Chu Chu: I will not only hit people, expletives, I will be like this, like this, and like this. Unlock slowly I'm really not a good person, otherwise how can I be attracted to you? The author covers the nosebleed: Brother, you are so coquettish. Chapter 9 So Did he think she wasn't there so he lost his temper and used foul language? Several people outside had not returned to see the He couple off,medium duty racking, and now there were only two of them in the living room. Wei Zisu was surprised, and after reacting, he quickly accepted the fact.