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"It doesn't matter. The medicine works. It's good to keep some at home." "It doesn't expire anyway," Yang said. All right, then. That's right, Yang Ming. Don't you have classes today? Why are you here early in the morning? Lin Zhiyun asked. I'm out on business today, and I came by to see you. Yang Ming said: "You rest, I go to return the medicine." Yang Ming remembered that day's strange, the heart always felt uneasy, so if the investigation is not clear, this matter in Yang Ming's heart is always a knot in one's heart, it is better to investigate early and quickly. All right, then go quickly! Lin Zhiyun saw that Yang Ming had something to do. Naturally, I can't disturb you. Although she herself is not interesting at home, she also hopes that Yang Ming will accompany her here. By the way, it's not interesting for you to stay at home by yourself. Can I get you a computer? Yang Ming walked to the door and suddenly thought of this question. So he turned around and said. Computer? No need! I'll be ready in a minute. How can Lin Zhiyun ask for Yang Ming's things again! It's a little unclear now. If you want it again,collapsible pallet box, the relationship between those two people. "恩 . Let's talk about it next time. "Don't think so much," said Yang Ming. Lin Zhiyun sees Yang Ming to insist, also some helpless. Although Yang Ming is very gentle and considerate to himself these days, he is full of male chauvinism and overbearing, which can be seen from his beating of Wu Xinkai! Therefore, Lin Zhiyun is really a bit stubborn,foldable bulk container, but he had to let Yang Ming go. Yang Ming from Lin Zhiyun's home, did not do any stay, quickly came to the front of Fang Tian's house. Without the anxiety of the last time, Yang Ming first observed the situation in Fang Tian's house with his perspective eyes. Everything was very normal, and there was nothing strange about it. Was it really an illusion that day? Yang Ming thought with some suspicion. Young man Why don't you go in? Suddenly, a voice came from behind Yang Ming. Yang Ming was so frightened that he was silent again, and he didn't feel anyone appeared behind him at all! Yang Ming suddenly turned around. Unfortunately, there was nothing behind him. But this time Yang Ming did not intend to let go of anything, Yang Ming carefully scanned every corner behind him, including other people's houses and courtyards, wholesale plastic pallet ,spill plastic pallet, there is nothing suspicious. Yang Ming's scalp tingled for a while. Can't he have such a little back? How can I encounter strange things every time I come here? But Yang Ming is not the kind of timid person, also can toughen one's scalp to go forward! He took out the key and opened the door. Yang Ming went into Fang Tiandi's room. Pushing open the inner room of the room, Yang Minggang wanted to step in, but stopped there in astonishment, opening his mouth wide and looking at the scene in the room incredibly! Thanks to Yang Ming's strength is not good, or the medicine bottle in his hand is almost thrown on the ground! On the bed where Fang Tian usually sleeps, there is an old man sitting, staring at himself! When did he come in? Yang Ming felt that he was about to lose his mind. Just now, he clearly saw that there was no one in the house! How did this old man. Could it be that he was talking to himself just now? "Excuse me, you always." Yang Ming asked cautiously. His intuition told him that the guy in front of him must be a master. A ghost? Yang Mingcai doesn't believe it! "You are Yang Ming?" The old man suddenly raised his head and looked at Yang Ming with a sharp light in his eyes. Yes, I am Yang Ming. Yang Ming did not deny it and nodded directly. Since the old man asked, it must have been investigated clearly, so it was useless for Yang Ming to lie. Yeah, that's good. Do you want to learn from me? Asked the old man. Ability? Learn what skills? What can you teach me? Yang Ming is a little puzzled. Anyone would be surprised at the sudden appearance of an old man to teach him skills. You are Fang Tian's apprentice. "His master saved my life," said the old man. "You want to teach me skills because you want to repay my kindness?" Yang Ming is getting more and more confused. Why don't you teach Fang Tian to repay your kindness? Still take such an intergenerational teaching? That's part of the reason, but not entirely. There is another important reason. Said the old man. What's the reason? Yang Ming asked. I can't tell you. Said the old man. Yang Ming listened to the old man's words and almost didn't fall down. Is it so straightforward. Isn't that the same as not saying it! Yang Ming is a little confused. How did the old man find himself? "Fang Tian asked you to come?" Yang Ming can only think so, and this is the only possibility. At present, only Fang Tian and Dong Jun know their relationship with Fang Tian. He can't order me to do anything yet. The old man said lightly, "Although his master saved my life, I have already repaid him in other ways.". So, from a personal point of view, I don't owe him anything. "Then you are." Yang Ming now can be regarded as completely unaware of the so-called, since this person is not sent by Fang Tian, but also know their own background. "Don't worry, I won't hurt you." The old man smiled and said, "I came here because someone wanted me to come here, but I can't talk to you too much now.". In a word, will you learn? "I learn.." But you must also tell me what you can teach me. Yang Ming does not know whether to laugh or cry. Is there such a pressing person? "Medical skill.". As a killer, if you know the art of medicine, your chances of death will be greatly reduced. Said the old man. Medical skill? Are you a doctor? Yang Ming how to look at this old man is not like a doctor, elusive said that the martial arts master can be believed, but said that he is a doctor. "You don't have to worry about who I am. Now that you agree, the book is yours." The old man said, "Well,plastic pallet manufacturer, my job is done. I should go." As soon as the voice fell, the old man took out a book from his bosom and threw it to Yang Ming, and then disappeared in a twinkling of an eye. Xiao _ Shuo txt Tian _ Tang 362. General Manager Song saw him off The old man is looking for himself to give himself a book? Yang Ming was a little confused with the thread-bound blue book in his hand. cnplasticpallet.com