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Everyone knows that the design of the buckle is a trend of retro fashion, especially when combined with square neck, puffy sleeves and other elements. The design of the buckle not only affects the style attribute, but also can modify the personal figure. From another perspective, it will be found that the buckle design and the vertical stripe have the same advantages, so they can both have a slimming effect. Women who have already gone Halloween costumes school girl costume little black dress little white dress overbust corset plus size pajama work think it is a piece of clothing in their school days, but it is not so. Some pieces look elegant and intellectual, but in fact, the Student Party can also wear them, and vice versa. For example, this casual plaid dress, which has both personality and leisure, looks monotonous and simple, but at the same time, it is different and full of sense of design. The loose version of the suspender skirt has no special restrictions on the figure, and it is easier to look thin with the dark color. Even the fat girl with a lot of flesh can handle it perfectly