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"Little Crisp," said Cheng Zhengyang with a smile, "I heard you took back your mother's green orange orchard a few days ago." "Yes." The green orange orchard was originally run by my mother. His mother's name is Su Qing and his father's name is Cheng Zhengyang. Mother took the words "Qing" and "Cheng" and named the garden "Green Orange Garden". Unfortunately, after his mother died, the garden was also sold by his father. A few days ago, Su Su just spent money to take back the garden. Cheng Zhengyang showed a loving smile, "What are you doing outside now, making so much money?"? Or did your mother leave you something and you didn't tell Dad? It turned out to be for money. Su Su sneers in the heart, how can she tell him the truth. The expression on her face did not change. "Dad, you know, I don't have any money.". "If mother had left me anything, it would not have escaped your eyes." "What about your money?" Asked Cheng Zhengyang doubtfully. "Borrowed by a classmate." "That's it." Cheng Zhengyang's eager expression cooled down. "It's no use for you to take this garden, or give it to Dad." Dad, you want to buy it back? Then why did you sell it in the first place? Cheng Zhengyang cold face, "a family said what to buy?"? Isn't yours mine? "Dad,CNC machining parts, I borrowed money to buy it." "You've graduated. Why don't you just pay it back slowly?" Su Su is really convinced. She had no choice but to lie again: "I borrowed money to buy part of it and became the legal representative in name only.". If you want it, you have to take back other people's shares first. She did not expect her father to have the leisure to investigate carefully. How many shares do you have? "Less than five percent." Hearing this, Cheng Zhengyang completely lost his good complexion. I thought you were promising and able to make money. In that case, what's the use of raising you so much? "Husband, don't scare the children." Zhou Shuli hurried out to smooth things over. What do you say for her? Cheng Zhengyang was furious. "She's such an adult that she doesn't even want to call you mom.". You have a good heart and think about her. Zhou Shuli looked at Cheng Zhengyang's eyes and turned her mind. Cheng Zhengyang doesn't have much affection for Su Su. Perhaps it is time to drive Su Su out of the Cheng family and completely cut off the possibility of her robbing the family property. Zhou Shuli sat in her seat, and tears came soon. Cheng Zhengyang saw,deep draw stamping, his face immediately changed, "Shuli, don't cry.". Why are you crying? "It's okay." Zhou Shuli touched the corner of her eyes with a tissue and deliberately provoked her to say, "I just think that the child is so big that he doesn't want to call me Mom. I feel a little sad.". It's been eleven years, and eleven years of affection is no better than a dead man. Dead people? Su Su wanted to finish the meal well, but when he heard this, he couldn't stand it any longer. Zhou Shuli, what did you say? "Husband," Zhou Shuli sobbed and acted like a spoiled child. " "Su Su," Cheng Zhengyang roared, "how can you talk to your Aunt Zhou?" Su Su sneers, die cast light housing ,car radiator cap, "Dad, you let me go home, is to urge me to go home to recognize a mistress who destroys other people's families as a mother?" "Well, Su Su, you have grown up and begun to disobey your parents!"! I tell you, you have to recognize this mother for me today, otherwise you will not have me as a father, and we will break off the relationship immediately! "Good." "That's right, hurry up and apologize to your aunt Zhou, oh no, to your mother!" "I mean, let's break up." "Are you crazy?" Cheng Zhengyang said incredulously, "You, a little girl, have even a place to live without the shelter of the Cheng family." "That's my business." "Good!" Cheng Zhengyang pointed at Su Su with his finger, "I saw you clearly today, you are so good on weekdays, originally all put on." It's not faking. Is it still true? Is she a masochist? Zhou Shuli pretended to persuade her: "Husband, Xiao Su is still young and not sensible.". As soon as the matter of breaking off the relationship is written in black and white, isn't it set in stone? You can't make such a hasty decision. Her words reminded Cheng Zhengyang. Aunt Liu, bring me a pen and paper. …… Su Su took a letter of severance and went out of the door of the Cheng family happily. The severing agreement has no legal effect. But thanks to Zhou Shuli fanning the flames, Cheng Zhengyang promised to move her household registration out of the Cheng family. She did not dare to be too presumptuous in front of her father before, and made false promises with the Cheng family, all for the sake of registered permanent residence. She was afraid that the Cheng family would know what she was capable of and would not let herself go. It's okay now. When the registered permanent residence is moved, she will be a real free person. Before going out, she saw Cheng Bufan smoking secretly in the yard. Su Su paused, as if he had not seen anything, and went out of the gate of the Cheng family. A familiar black car was parked not far from the door. Su Su stepped forward and knocked on the driver's window. The window rolled down to reveal Ye Heng's face. Why are you still here? Su Su laughed. Waiting for you. Ye Heng smiled ostentatiously. You are too kind. Ha ha, I am your little brother. How dare I go when you didn't tell me to go? "You are poor." Su Su squinted and smiled. She sat in the passenger seat and hummed a song in a good mood. What happened, so happy? Ye Heng said curiously. Su Su's eyes sparkled. "I was kicked out of my house." Is this something to be happy about? It's all right. My home will be your home in the future. We will never come to this place again. Ye Heng comforted carefully. "No," Su Su eyes deep, "I will come back in the future, take back my mother's things. 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