DyslexiaChampion Joined at November 2021 to LifeInSYS

Dyslexia is a learning disability that people have trouble processing words or numbers. It does not mean they are not intelligent or motivated to learn; it is a processing issue. Dyslexia is not a disease!It is a condition a person is born with, and it often runs in families. People with Dyslexia are not stupid or lazy. Most have average or above-average intelligence, and they work hard to overcome their learning difficulties. I started Dyslexia Champion ( www.Dyslexiachampion.com), a nonprofit 501c3 organization to have a venue to share ideas, programs and be a resource for people with Dyslexia and others to learn about Dyslexia. /br>
Website- https://dyslexiachampion.com/

Social Links - https://twitter.com/ChampDyslexia