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Tian Hen thought for a moment and said, "Three judges, please wait a minute. In fact, I want to ask you for punishment." The three of them were stunned at the same time. Zhurong frowned and said, "Punishment?"? Did you do something wrong? Logically speaking, you were the first to discover those monster bases and avoid great losses. We should reward you for guessing right. Why should we punish you? The sky mark thought to himself that it would be better for him to speak out about Xiao Fenglong now, after all. This is the holy beast that I need to rely on. I can't let him hide in the dark like the dark God. Thinking of this, I looked directly at the three judges and said: "Well, in fact, I also got my own holy beast. But in order to get this holy beast, I didn't obey the order left by the judge of Zhu Rong. I left the base without permission and broke into the forbidden place.." "Wait, wait." Ravaged by surprised to look at both sides of the Woma and Aokai, they thought of a question at the same time. "You didn't go to Baifeng and Lielong, did you?" He asked in unison. Embarrassed, Tianhen said, "Indeed, I went there." At the same time, the eyes of the three judges, who were young enough to be Grandpa Tianhen, burst into shining brilliance. Ravaged Rong grabbed Tianhen's shoulder. "Tianhen boy, you went there and got the holy beast. So what you got should be a divine beast?"? How is that possible? You don't know that your teacher Moore went there many times. Even with the help of several of us,316ti stainless steel, we can't subdue any of the white phoenix and the fierce dragon. I really can't believe that you can do it. The sky mark really did not know that the white phoenix and the fierce dragon also involved Moore, and hesitated for a moment. "I really have no ability to deal with them," he said. "The holy beast is too powerful. I'm afraid it's not weaker than several judges. Maybe it's good luck." According to "at the moment, he said how he was caught by the kamikaze leopard in the kamikaze valley, and got his advice, and finally signed the contract of the heart with the little phoenix dragon.". Apart from concealing his use of Tianmo, he told the truth completely. Several of the judges who listened to the twists and turns were amazed. Woma smiled and said, "It seems that our holy alliance is really going to produce a few talented people.". Tian Hen, I appreciate what you said to Lan Lan. Wealth and honor are in danger. Obviously, you are all successful. Luck won't always be on your side. In the remaining days of the Magic Star, you can no longer run around casually, 321 stainless steel sheet ,x52 line pipe, settle down to practice well, and do not pretend that the white phoenix and the fierce dragon have passed on to you the new ability of the space system. Do you know what it means for a power to condense into a crystal? It represents the transition from manipulation to control. Generally speaking, when you manipulate and practice to more than 30 levels, it will be extremely difficult for your body to absorb energy molecules because of the accumulation of a large number of powers. You can only grope your way forward bit by bit. When you hit 36 levels, the powers will be materialized. Materialization is a symbol of the stage, and it also represents that your body can absorb more external energy molecules to supplement itself. You have the substantiation power in such a serendipitous situation that there is no bottleneck for you at level 36. This is also the case with your cosmic Chi. You are a smart man, and I don't need to say anything else. Work hard and have full confidence in yourself. I think you should be the best successor to Old Moore. You know why I say you're a smart guy? Because, after you get the advice of the white phoenix and the fierce dragon, you are not in a hurry to improve your ability, but to consolidate the ability you already have. From this point of view, you are really a smart child. Well, let's see the divine beast. Tianhen breathed a sigh of relief. He knew that he had passed this pass. His spirit contacted Xiaofenglong. With a flash of divine light in his eyes, Xiaofenglong floated out. His one-meter-long body stood in front of Tianhen. As soon as he saw so many people around him, he immediately made preparations to attack at any time. Fenglong, they are all friends. As he spoke, his hands lit up with a green light, and he rolled up the little phoenix dragon on the ground and held it in his arms. Since Xiao Fenglong is more than one meter long, he can no longer stand on his shoulder, otherwise, it will look very strange. The eyes of the three judges are focused on the small phoenix dragon, a flash of fire, Zhu Rong summoned his own fire phoenix, is a complete state of the sub-god beast, has the ability to infinitely close to the God beast. The surrounding air was scorching with its appearance. As soon as the fire phoenix saw the phoenix dragon, it immediately sent out a clear call. The little phoenix dragon looked curiously at the fire phoenix with the same body length of about one meter, blinked his eyes, and raised his head as proudly as the last time he saw Na Xue. Zhu Rong said with a smile, "You really deserve to be a mythical beast. You are so arrogant!"! Tianhen, from today on, I specially approve that you will no longer be on duty. Take Feng yuan to sign a contract with Kamikaze Leopard immediately tomorrow, and then practice in seclusion. I hope you can give us some surprises when three years come. You can move to live with Feng yuan. Serry research also needs quiet. "Yes, Judge." I can have more time to practice natural good deeds. Tianhen faintly felt that because of the contract of the heart, the growth of Xiaofenglong had a great connection with his own cultivation. If he could be promoted to a higher level, I believe it would also be helpful to Xiaofenglong. The next morning, early in the morning, all the powers except Seri gathered in the base to wait for the arrival of the three judges. Although they did not know what the three judges were going to say,x70 line pipe, they probably guessed that it must be related to their return to Earth. When the magic sun rises gradually from the east, the three of them came out of the room, and they had obviously discussed it. Chapter 72 Lily. Why do you want to leave.