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Why do private security guard services companies exist? Knowing their clients' needs helps security firms promote their products and services. A private individual will have different security needs than a corporation or retail store. What security do businesses and individuals need? The necessity for personal and proprietary protection in different circumstances has led to several types of security, each with its own benefits. Highly-trained officers can provide security, or alarm systems and CCTVs can be installed. Private security firms can provide security guards, car park attendants, mobile patrol response teams for companies, or protection for owners and officers. Private security people and equipment avoid property damage and loss. Private security services design security strategies against current and potential dangers and provide crowd management at events. How do people and businesses choose security? Private security organisations must comprehend why their target audiences use them. With this insight, they can better match customer needs to service contracts. Private enterprises should observe the market to evaluate their potential clients' wants. Knowing why people and businesses use security firms helps firms advise clients. Security services organizations should review how they sell their products and services, replacing trivial sales conversations with client-centered counsel to convince clients they need private security. Private security organisations are hired to protect companies and individuals against attacks.